Awards + Achievements

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Over the last 35 years Greenscape of Jacksonville has been the recipient of multiple awards and achievements.


  • 2014 – Northeast Florida Nonprofits Collaboration & Innovation Award – Green Releaf
  • 2007 – Trees Florida Outstanding Tree Advocacy Group Award
  • 2006 – Alliance for Community Trees/Home Depot Foundation NeighborWoods Award
  • 2001 – Excellence in Outcome Achievement Award City of Jacksonville
  • 1998 – Florida Urban Forestry Council Outstanding Volunteer Organization
  • 1997 – Mimi and Lee Adams Environmental Award
  • 1997 – Florida Urban Forestry Council Certificate of Excellence
  • 1996 – Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Downtown Enhancement Award
  • 1994 – Jax Pride Site Improvement Award – Baby Tree Planting
  • 1993 & 1994 – Jax Pride Event Award – Flowering Tree Sale
  • 1993 – Jax Pride Group Environmental Award
  • 1991 – Florida Urban Forestry Council Civic Award
  • 1990 – Northeast Florida Planning and Zoning Association Group Environmental Award
  • 1989 – Arts Assembly of Jacksonville Environmental Award
  • 1984 – Volunteer Jacksonville Volunteer Award/Organizations
  • 1984 – American Institute of Architects Design Recognition Award
  • 1980 – Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Design Beautification Award


  • 280 green ash trees along five miles of Roosevelt Boulevard (US 17), from McDuff Avenue to Timuquana Road.
  • 312 live oaks, dogwoods and crape myrtles along Riverside and St. Johns Avenues, Herschel and Park Streets.
  • Significant plantings of Bradford pear trees and crape myrtles along San Marco Boulevard and Hendricks Avenue.
  • More than 40 trees planted along the Atlantic Boulevard median between Gay and Arletha.
  • 28 years of Greenscape’s Annual Flowering Tree Sales, providing wholesale priced quality trees to the public.
  • 3,000 trees planted by area school children, faculty and volunteers on the grounds of public schools.
  • 90 palm trees planted at the perimeter of Jessie Ball DuPont park downtown, in honor of the Florida Sesquicentennial celebration.
  • More than 100 sycamores, crape myrtles and bald cypress planted at Habijax homes.
  • Nearly 14,000 trees planted along Jacksonville’s urban highways in Greenscape’s Baby Trees project: 1,500 at I-95 and Prime Osborn Convention Center, 4,500 at I-95 and Heckscher Drive, 7,500 at the Gator Bowl and 1,400 at the south approach of the Acosta Bridge.
  • California Date Palms, crape myrtles, and ground covers on a mile of medians along Atlantic Boulevard, from Mayport Road to Third Street creating gateway to the Beaches.
  • Creation of “GreenReleaf”, a partnership between JEA and Greenscape.
  • Trees, shrubs and grasses installed at I-10 and US 17 interchange.
  • Established an award winning Urban Tree Ranger Program, teaching volunteers pruning techniques.
  • Accomplished model project for “Right Tree, Right Place” on Herschel Street.
  • Numerous non-profit partnerships, such as Ronald McDonald House, the ARC, Habijax, The First Tee, Pace Center for Girls, Operation New Hope and Jacksonville Housing Partnership.
  • Partnered with National Football League to initiate first carbon neutral major sport event by planting 1,000 trees in The Green Zone: Super Bowl XXXIX Carbon-Neutral Forest at UNF.
  • 2007 Great Greenscape Tree Giveaway distributed 20,000 free trees to public.