Trees for Neighborhoods

Your neighborhood association is invited to purchase a special membership from Greenscape of Jacksonville, Inc. These memberships allow a predetermined number of neighborhoods to receive tree grants. This program hopes to encourage neighborhoods to increase their tree canopy, and encourage HOAs to organize a “Tree Planting Day” in their communities. In return, HOAs agree to help promote Greenscape’s mission via association newsletters and website/social media page.

Fees / Benefits

Annual Membership fee: $250. Membership would be renewable annually.

Annual Benefit: Access to grant program that entitles neighborhoods to receive a volunteer tree planting of up to twenty (20) trees (15 gallon size).


-HOA would provide volunteer labor to plant trees; Greenscape provides leadership and logistical assistance
-Annual tree benefit provided in a single planting of up to (20) 15-gallon sized trees. Multiple plantings of smaller quantities are not allowable.
-Community must be serviced by JEA as tree supplied through Green Releaf (JEA program)
-Tree species are subject to approval and availability by Greenscape, and will be determined by proposed location of trees. Greenscape to provide tree selection assistance if requested.
-Trees to be planted in right-of-way and/or common areas maintained and irrigated by association. Association agrees to sign pledge that trees will be maintained and irrigated through grow-in period.
-Membership/renewal fee is subject to change after first year.

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