Blue Trees

Greenscape of Jacksonville Bringing Artist Konstantin Dimopoulos and his Temporary Art Installation


Jacksonville, Florida in January, 2016

Internationally respected artist Konstantin Demopoulos’s temporary social/environmental art installation, THE BLUE TREES comes to Jacksonville in January as part of the world wide conversation about deforestation and its global impact. This premier event is made possible by grants from The Late Bloomer Garden Club, Wells Fargo, and the 2016 SPARK Grant Program (funded by Florida Blue).


Greenscape of Jacksonville invited Dimopoulos to re-create this project which has been hosted in London, Singapore, Vancouver, Seattle and Houston as well as many other cities. In addition to raising awareness of the importance of a healthy tree canopy, THE BLUE TREES is a community engagement public art installation. With the help of volunteers, Dimopoulos will color the trunks of trees with biologically-safe, water-based ultramarine mineral pigment, bringing attention to our trees and awareness of the vital role they fill in our city. An ephemeral work, the trees gradually revert back to their natural state within a six-month period.

The Artist: Currently residing in Melbourne, Australia, Konstantin Dimopoulos graduated from university in New Zealand with a degree in sociology and continued on to study art in London. Dimopoulos describes himself as a humanist, using his art practice – from studio works to site specific installations to address social and environmental issues. Striving to address global deforestation of old growth forests and raise awareness of urban trees, Dimopoulos provides a visual platform to effect change. “So many universal concerns seem larger than an individual’s power of influence and I want to evoke in people the idea that we can all contribute to change in a positive way.”